Ashley kept looking toward the trees. She saw something moving. Suddenly she heard leaves rustling and itty-bitty voices yelling for help. As she ran to the trees, she saw the zedonk flying down the hill to catch the two falling pigmy goats. Ashley did see the animals! And the zedonk was special. The zedonk could fly!  Ashley and Emily have come to New Jersey for Camp PopPop and Grandmom. Last year their mother joined them on a shortened version of the camp, but this year it’s going to be just Ashley and Emily and their grandparents. Or is it? Ashley is convinced she keeps seeing the neighbor’s animals everywhere they go. But how could a zedonk, a donkey, and two pigmy goats possibly keep up with them as they travel to Storybook Land, the Cape May Lighthouse, and the Cowtown Rodeo?
Find out as they encounter all kinds of adventures On the Way to Cape May!


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